We started out since 1968 as a manufacturer of automotive batteries in Malaysia for both Japanese and European automobile models.

  Today, GP Autobat Sdn. Bhd., riding on the 'GP' GREATER POWER branding, is recognised as a major supplier of automotive batteries not only in Malaysia but internationally over 30 countries as well, relying on its commitment to QUALITY EXCELLENCE and adhering to its ISO certification obtained in 1993.  

Last Longer in Tropical & Temperate Cllimate
Designed to last longer with more features built-in to withstand the temperature prevalent in tropical & temperate climate countries ..
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  GP SLA Batteries
Longer Service Life
Optimal grids design and paste formation provide longer float and cycle life values ..
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  GP-ATLAS Batteries
Fully Sealed Maintenance Free
Uniquely constructed with special protective tissue ..
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  GP-X Batteries
X'Treme Power
Built to meet the ultimate/ unexpected challenges ..
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