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Specially Designed to Last Longer in Tropical & Temperate Climate
GP-PowerPlus maintenance-free batteries are designed to last longer with more features built-in to withstand the temperature prevalent in tropical & temperate climate countries. Manufactured with the best materials and the latest technology developed in-house, these batteries are assured of satisfying the most ardent admirer of maintenance-free batteries.
Special Features
Calcium-Calcium Technology with Full-Framed Grid Design
Plates are made from PbCa with full frame grids which provide superior resistance to
  » Grid growth
  » Grid corrosion
  » Less gassing resulting in less water loss
  » Superior longer shelf life by minimizing self discharge
Reinforced Handles for Ease of Carrying
Handles are reinforced for better handling of battery
Polyethylene Envelope Glass Mat Separators
Stronger envelope separators to prevent short circuit between plates
Better resistance against movement of plates
Better withstanding capabilities against vibration
Enhance life span
Reinforced Cover
Special advanced recombination gas chamber
  » Minimise water loss through recombining gasses that are evolved from the plates during charging
   and discharging cycles
Flame arrestor
  » Prevents the possibility of explosion due to sparks or flames from external
  » Prevents the inflow of foreign materials into the battery
  » Reduces and better control over gassing and acid leakage
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