• Automotive Batteries
  • Motorcycle Batteries
  • GP VRLA/SLA Batteries
  • Recreational/ Leisure
  • Plastic Injection and
  Blow Moulding Parts
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The Advantages
Trusted : QUALITY assured
Product : RELIABILITY in every finished item
Excellence : SERVICE to your expectations
Prompt : DELIVERY you can depend on
Flexible : CUSTOMIZE to your every need
The company’s extensive experience in moulding plastic items for a wide range of products from automotive, electrical and electronics to consumer plastic industries as well as a manufacturer and supplier of battery water augurs well for its capability and versatility in meeting it's customers’ expectations.
Technical Information / Capability
With a wide range of plastic injection & blow moulding machines available at it’s disposal in our 30,000 square feet premises , the largest at 650 tons to it’s smallest at 75 tons, we are geared and catered to meet the full range of products for our customers. We have the technical skill & trained staff to assist and work closely with our customers to design & customize products to fulfill the industry or market’s needs.
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